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About South Omaha

In 1886, on the banks of the Missouri River just to the south of the city of Omaha, Nebraska, the city of South Omaha was incorporated. Nearly twenty years later, in 1915, South Omaha was annexed by the city of Omaha. To this day, however, the area is still referred to as South Omaha, or more commonly by those in the community, simply "South O."

Immigrants from around the world have made their homes in South Omaha. Early immigrants came from Ireland, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, and other European countries. Immigrants followed from Mexico and other Latin American countries and most recently South Omaha has welcomed immigrants from Sudan.

The historic South Omaha Business District, stretching along South 24th Street from L Street to Q Street sits adjacent to the former stockyards that drew immigrant workers from around the world when they were fully operational.

Today the area bounded by the Missouri River on the east, 42nd Street on the west, Harrison Street on the south, Center street on the north and Interstate 80 on the northwest corner are the official "South Omaha" boundaries.

The City of Omaha and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce along with many partners in the community have made commitments to preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the community with a series of revitalization and renovation projects.

For more details, check out South Omaha's past, present, and future.

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