South Omaha Business Association

About SOBA - Our History

On March 29, 1922 the business people of South Omaha incorporated the South Omaha Merchants Association with the following purpose:

"The object and purpose for which this Association is organized and the business in which it shall be engaged shall be the promotion of the government, industrial and public interests and public welfare of the district south of A Street of Omaha, Nebraska and to co-operate with the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Omaha, Nebraska."

Over the years, the South Omaha Merchants Association has become the South Omaha Business Association (SOBA) and South Omaha itself has changed dramatically. "A" Street is now Interstate 80, north/south traffic now used the Kennedy Freeway over South 24th Street, and only a small portion of the meat packing industry that put South Omaha on the map is still in operation.

Yet the more South Omaha has changed, the more it remains the same. Immigrant entrepreneurial energy and ambition remains the bedrock of business old and new.

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