South Omaha Business Association

About SOBA - Our Leadership

The South Omaha Business Association (SOBA), is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of selected members from area businesses as well as other community leaders.

Elected leadership positions within the Board of Directors include President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Current board members are:

Name Position Company / Organization
  Madeline Moyer   SOBA President   Security National Bank
  Rosie Johnson   SOBA Treasurer   First National Bank
  Diane Good-Collins   SOBA Secretary   Metropolitan Community College
  Heath Mello   SOBA Director   State Senator Heath Mello
  Garry Gernandt   SOBA Director   City Council, District 4
  Yolanda Diaz   SOBA Director   Security National Bank
  Sarah Kazcmarek   SOBA Director   Celebrity Staff
  Joel Cota   SOBA Director   City of Omaha - Office of the Mayor
  Val McPherson   SOBA Director   Kiwanis Club of Omaha Inc.
  Ross Pesek   SOBA Director   Pesek Law LLC
  itzel lopez   SOBA Director   Maria Bonita Mexican Cuisine
  Elizabeth Codina   SOBA Director   Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center UNO
  Eric Washkuhn   SOBA Director   Integrated Rehab

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